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Sky Sports on PC constantly buffering - what is best way of watching?


I went to visit my parents this weekend and tried to watch the GAA Football Semi on a PC, however it constantly buffered and pixelated so much so the score was unreadable.

Aside from firefox and IE is there any other means of watching Sky Sports on a PC?  I don't have these issues with Virgin TV Anywhere, just the Sky Sports which I have to access via their website.


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Re: Sky Sports on PC constantly buffering - what is best way of watching?

Hi arrgee1991,

Thanks for your post on the Community Forum. I'm sorry to hear that you've experienced problems viewing Sky Sports via the TV Anywhere service. IE and Firefox are the most recommended browsers to use. TV Anywhere along with the Sky Sports/Cinema access will not work via Chrome as it isn't supported.

There have been several helpful posts put up by other Forum users, please have a look at these and see if their suggestions help:

TV Anywhere - Sky Sports doesn't work and sky sports

If you find either of these helpful, please give the post Kudos to let the original poster know their suggestions helped.

We also have troubleshooting help via our main Virgin Media Help pages:

Watch TV using Virgin TV Anywhere on your computer

Troubleshooting Virgin TV Anywhere for your computer

Watching Sky Cinema and Sky Sports on your computer

Please let us know how this goes for you.

Kind regards, 


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