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Sky Sports - TV Anywhere - apologies this item has been interrupted due to an error

I haven't used TV Anywhere for several months on sky as its never worked properly

SInce it moved to Sky I have had nothing but problems


But Alas I want to get it working and tried phoning the muppets at Virgin and cannot even speak to anyone anymore - they just want to run diagnostics!!!!


Problem as follows


Windows 10 Pro (This is not the problem, 8.1 had same issues)

Chrome, Firefox or IE 11

When trying to watch Sky Sports I get the apologies, this item has been interrupted t:6030 / c:4110


I have read many posts and TBH its a really **bleep** service and platform that Sky have launched

I have uninstalled Silverlight and reinstalled

I have deleted the Silverlight file as mentioned in other posts

I have disabled teamviewer as mentioned in other posts


Nothing will let me watch sky sports!!!!


Can someone from Virgin who knows what they're doing please advise!


Graphics Driver is up to date with Microsoft and updated to AMD Catalyst


I'm at a loss




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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Sky Sports - TV Anywhere - apologies this item has been interrupted due to an error

Hi paulgoldney,


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's great to have you here. 


I'm really sorry to hear you've not been able to get Sky Sports content working since we gained the rights. 


I can certainly take a look at things for you. 


It's always best in circumstances such as this to start completely at the beginning so please complete the following:


Log into > My Profile > Sky Movies & Sky Sports

If the device is showing here, delete it. 


Make sure your browser is completely up to date. If not run the updates. 

Delete your cache, cookies and history. 


Remove Silverlight from your PC completely. 


Reboot your PC. 


This starts us back at the beginning. 


The first thing I need you to do is open Firefox. Go to > My profile > Sky Movies & Sky Sports

Where you have the available device slot, select this to register. 


Once this is done, attempt to stream a Sky Sports channel. This will prompt you to download Silverlight. Do this by following the prompts. 


Once installed, make sure your cookies options are set to Always.


Try again to stream. Has this made any difference?


Let me know.



Forum Team

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