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Sky Sports Player unfit for purpose



I'd like to voice my displeasure to Virgin Media regarding the new, mandatory, Sky Sports Player. It is utterly unusable and appears to be so for just about everybody. As soon as the stream transitions to HD quality, it becomes incredibly laggy, showing about one frame every 2 seconds or so. The premier league and rugby season (most popular sports) is just about upon us and it seems there is no communication from Virgin or Sky regarding the unfit for purpose player that is foisted upon users. I suspect it is an issue with "Cisco Video Guard" which sounds like a DRM programme running in the background to prevent illegal streaming. Given that it is rendering legal streaming impossible, I wonder what they think that will do for illegal streams - make them more popular maybe? Could a representative from Virgin please answer the following questions:


1) Is there a fix in the pipeline, and if so, when is this going to be implemented?

2) Is there a workaround to the issue (reverting to an old player would be a welcome choice)?

3) Given this is a service that we are paying for through VM, will partial refunds be made available to users who are paying for a service but not receiving it?


I appreciate this is an issue that has been created by Sky launching a new mandatory programme to watch their sport through, but Virgin is a partner with Sky in that it offers access to Sky programming and thus has a stake in making sure this is resolved as soon as possible.


Many thanks.

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Re: Sky Sports Player unfit for purpose

I am also interested in this. Having the issue where after about 1hr of streaming I get 



I then need to close the browser that I signed in on and re-open and re-log in. Makes watching any sport frustrating, added to the lagginess and delays (100M Virgin link with this being the only device in use and still buffers!!).


Connected via wifi, how can this be fixed?

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