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Sky Sports On the Go Device Registration

I thought I posted this yesterday but can;t find the post...

My Sky Sports "on the Go" have 2 devices registered - and old iPad I no longer have, and a new one. Problem is that they both have the same device name so i don't know which is which! Is there any way to find out which (MAC address or something) so I can delete the old one.

Whilst posting, I can't understand why they limit the changes to one a month - surely if you have paid for 2 devices, it should be any 2 devices and so long as only 2 are used at once, it shouldn't matter which 2, and you should be able to change as often as you like...


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Re: Sky Sports On the Go Device Registration

Hi nodsir65, 


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear about the issue you are having with the Sky Device registration platform. 


I have already replied to your post here: Device Registration on Sky Sports


Please make sure you are only posting once about your issue. We understand it's frustrating when something's not right however posting more than once about the same fault makes the boards look busier than what they actually are. It also means we could take longer to reply due to needing to sift through duplicate posts.


Have a look at my reply on the other thread and stick with that one so we keep all the information in one place. 



Forum Team

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