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Seeing as VM are so quiet on the subject...'s what I think happened.

For the last couple of years, TV Anywhere used to have a nag/remind window that popped up if you stayed on a single channel for more than couple of hours. The idea, I guess, was to check if you were still watching. But like most implementation that VM does, it was fundamentally flawed, as the window actually displayed behind the video window, so you couldn't actually read it in full, just a bit peeping out from the side. You couldn't even see both the yes (I am still watching) or the no (I'm not) buttons.

After years, it seems someone decided to fix this as the nag screen is now fully visible (as well having different words & graphics). The exact time this new nag window went live, the registration problems started. It might just be a coincidence that both things happened at the same time, but somehow I doubt it. If I'm right, these problems are completely of Virgin's own doing.

To not fix this in a week is poor. To not be bothered to update the service status page in all of that time is plain rude. Absolute plsstake.

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Re: Seeing as VM are so quiet on the subject...

Well, it's VM - an underfunded, under-supported service that they can never seem to get working properly for any length of time, nor do they seem to care about.

But of course, as it's a "free" service, we have absolutely no right to complain!
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