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Reregistering Devices

Hi all
New to here so please be gentle!
I'm having REEEAAALLLY annoying issues with TV Anywhere APP for IOS
My phone is IPhone 6 on version 9.3
Each time I try to use the app I'm asked to register my device, it happened last week where I thought sod it, it's already registered but deleted my device and re-registered it. That's worked ok for a few days.
Just come to use the app again and been told to register 😡😡 so did the same as above, closed and reopened the app and was told the REGISTER AGAIN?!
I cannot do this as I now have no 'changes' left for the month!?
PLEASE HELP! I never had these issues using Sky Go!!

Thanks for anyone who can shed some light 👏🏻

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Reregistering Devices

Hi tknowles83,


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's great to see a new face in the crowd Smiley Happy 


I'm sorry to learn you are having an issue trying to stream from TV Anywhere. This is not what we like to hear and we can certainly take a look at things for you.


OK, I want to double check the iOS version you are currently using. The latest is 9.2.1. If you are using 9.3 is this a beta version? 


Looking at the devices you currently have registered there is an iPad and an iPhone 5. Could someone else in the household be changing the device? 


I've added a device change for you to go in and re-register the iPhone 6 again. You will need to remove either the iPad or iPhone 5 to make room for the iPhone 6 by going to > My Profile > Device Settings. 


Once you have a free slot you can then attempt to stream on the iPhone 6 and follow the registration prompts. 


I hope that helps but let me know how things go. 



Forum Team

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