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Registering and recognising devices

I tried to register my desktop to use tv anywhere. It said I had exhausted my registered devices. I went to the list and lo and behold my desktop is listed as one of the two. I de registered it. I went back to watch tv. It said I needed to register it. So I did. In the vacant slot.
I went to watch tv. It says that I have exhausted my allocation of devices.
I can only change 1 device a month. I'm now stuck.
I want to Deregister both existing devices as neither are recognised. However re registering didn't seem to achieve anything.
Any ideas???
Should I just give up?
Another promised product that simply fails to deliver?
Finally. Does the android app support LG handsets?
Specifically the LG G3?
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Re: Registering and recognising devices

Hi malcolm5


Welcome to the community


Sorry to hear that you have been having issues when registering your desktop.


When I checked your account, it does state that you have one device change available. You can remove the devices within your account under My Profile > Device Settings that are not being used if you wish. Then you can register your desktop by selecting a stream-able channel through TV Anywhere and this will prompt for registration.


In regards to your LG G3, if this has a compatible version of Android 2.3.3 with Wi-Fi internet, a TiVo® box, your My Virgin Media username and password this should work. Have you tried to download the app to see if it does register the phone and stream channels?


Let me know how you get on



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