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Registered device

I have been watching tv on my desktop mac. Now today when i try to watch it tells me that my device limit is reached. I have 2 devices registered (my ipad and my mac). when I click on settings it shows these 2 as my registered devices. I had this last month and I had to delete my mac as a device then re-register it. I can however only do this once a month and this is not really a solution to an obvious bug somewhere. Why is it suddenly forgetting that this mac is registered and how do I fix it. I would be grateful for any advice



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Re: Registered device

Hi ivy4,

Welcome to the Community Forum and thanks for your post. I'm sorry to hear that you've experienced problems with TV Anywhere asking you to register your device again.

I've added a device change back on for you for both TV Anywhere and Sky Sports. Please be aware that there is an ongoing issue with TV Anywhere at the moment and registration may not go through. Our technicians are aware of this and working to fix the problem.

There is a sticky post on this board, keep an eye on this and when everything's working we'll let you know: TV Anywhere issues affecting Android/PC/IOS.

Kind regards,



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