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Registered New Device but Says Not Registered

I recently reduced my TV package which included removing a Tivo box as I am no longer living at previous address but wanted a basic service to remain for my mother. I didnt request a basic set top box which I should have but thought I could just use TV on the Go linked to my desktop at home.

Yesterday I removed a laptop and registered my desktop (17th March) in Chrome which I now realise was the wrong thing to do as its not a supported browser, so I registered the device in Firefox with apparently no problem until I wanted to stream, when I got the pop up device not registered which it clearly was as I could see the name I had given the PC when initially registering it 

Prior to posting I searched the forum and thought Id found the solution, I removed the device, cleared browser cache and history, reopened the browser (Firefox) and proceeded to register the device again as prompted in a forum thread I read, only to find a pop up saying I had no more changes left, even though I was registering the same device.

Any help would be appreciated, don't really want to stream of my phone when I should be able to use my TV/desktop.


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Re: Registered New Device but Says Not Registered

Hi siash69,


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear you're having an issue getting your device registered for use with TV Anywhere. 


As you initially registered through a non-supported browser, you'll need to re-register the device Smiley Happy


I have added a device change to enable you to do this. If you open up Firefox or Internet Explorer, attempt to stream from the On Now section. This will prompt you to re-register the device. 


Let me know how it goes.



Forum Team

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