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Registered Device (Windows PC) not Registered!

Hi there,

I had two devices registered to my account for using TV Anywhere (1. my windows laptop, 2. my iPad). The other day I deleted one device (iPad) and registered my husband's Windows Laptop.

Tonight, I have tried to watch live TV from my laptop (whilst at home) but the system says the device is not registered, but this is not so.

Why is it not working and what do I need to do to get it fixed please?

Also, is it right that I can watch recorded programs on my iPad but not from a laptop?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Registered Device (Windows PC) not Registered!

There have been some big updates to Windows 10 recently, which has meant some users are having to re-register the same device again. 

All you need to do is delete & re-register the device. However if you have used up your one device change for the month, you'll have to ask for an extra change to allow this. One of the forum team might pick this up in a few days, but you can getting a swifter resolution by phoning up or getting onto online chat.

You cant watch your recordings on any device other than your TiVo.

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Re: Registered Device (Windows PC) not Registered!

Hi Somersvick,


Thank you for coming in and posting your message, it's great that you're using the app Smiley Happy


I would like to ask if you can please try and remove and register the device again, you should see that there are allowances to do so. Give me a shout if this still isn't working and I'll help further Smiley Happy


All the best.



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