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Quality of BT Sports stream on anywhere tv

Hi - my first question on the forum.


I wonder if anyone can tell me why the quality of stream for BT Sports on anywhere tv is so much worse than that of Sky sports on Now TV, and if there is anything I can do to improve the BT Sports reception?



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Re: Quality of BT Sports stream on anywhere tv

The picture quality of TV Anywhere is pretty poor across all channels, which is especially frustrating at a time when Sky are serving up HD streams.  It's all too easy to lose track of a football on the screen with the low-bitrate streams that VM are serving up.  You can usually get hooky Flash streams of football matches with better picture quality.  It's perfectly watchable on a phone or tablet, but on a 15" or bigger screen looks terrible.


You'll see that the TVA "transport" has picture quality settings, but don't waste your time, they don't actually do anything.

If you use it a lot, you'll notice that streams often just stall & you have to reload the page to get things going again.


In short, the TV Anywhere experience is a genuinely frustrating one.  They haven't been able to fix the playback issues in the years that they have been being reported.  If they were to up the broadcast bitrate, the existing, and long ongoing playback issues are only likely to get worse.

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