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Problem with TV Anywhere app on iPad

Hi There

I use the TV Anywhere app on my iPad... I am having a problem when a programme is streamed... it will play a section of the programme for a few seconds repeat the section, move on, repeat and so on... I contacted customer support and was passed onto a technician who frankly had the people skills of a praying mantis... He was more concerned with getting me to load TV anywhere on my laptop (useless to me) than actually dealing with the issue on my iPad... He even took over my laptop to "solve" the problem but it is still there... Does anyone else have the same issue with TV anywhere on the iPad, and is there a solution...?


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Re: Problem with TV Anywhere app on iPad

Hi pagan92


Welcome to the community


Sorry to hear that your having an issue streaming a programme through TV Anywhere.


Does this happen on just one channel or others also? Is it just on the iPad that you notice this issue or does it happen on another device?


Have you tried to un-install the app and re-install it to see if that helps?


Hope to hear from you soon



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