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Linking tablet to watch TV on the go

I will say that I am not a technophobe. Computers and technology have been in my blood since the early 90's, yet how on earth do you get to watch Virgin TV on a Galaxy Tab?? I've Googled, looked at the pages on the Virgin website with no joy. Where is this registration? How do I find out how many devices are already linked? Only the TiVo box is linked as far as I know. I have never been successful. I thought it was just because I had a Kindle Fire and they are rubbish when it comes to getting the apps you want, hence me investing in another tablet.

I don't understand why TV on the Go is a benefit of being with Virgin, yet there are no instructions as to how to get it once you have downloaded the app. All I get is watch on TV! How useless is that? I want to watch on my tablet, surely that is the whole point.

Looking forward to finding out how to get this completed and also hope that Virgin can make the process transparent, or perhaps just visible.

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Re: Linking tablet to watch TV on the go

You are trying to stream a channel that cannot be streamed. Try channel 104.
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