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Issues with Sky Sports on TV anywhere

Almost every time I watch a football game on my android (in the house where Virgin wireless is set up) I get it hanging or closing completely, have been with Virgin for nearly 2 years now and this has never worked for a full game.

Any help gratefully received?

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Forum Team
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Re: Issues with Sky Sports on TV anywhere

Hi jneill, 


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear about the issues you are having with Sky Sports via TV Anywhere. 


As the Sky Sports app is run by Sky with their servers, if you're also having this issue with TV Anywhere and other streaming apps then the issue may actually be related to the wireless instead. 


You can resolve this by logging into your router and changing the wireless channel that your currently on to a less congested one. This link will help you do that: Wifi Help
Also make sure that your router isn't close to anything that may also be sending out radio waves, such as TVs, cordless phones, baby monitors. Try to keep your router as far as you can from large or dense objects, (like fishtanks, furniture), reflective or shiny surfaces, (like windows, mirrors), and also walls, especially thick ones made of concrete or brick. 
The best thing you can do for your router is to give it space as the more space immediately around your router, the better its signal can spread, therefore creating a better connection. 
Hope this information helps and let us know how things go after you've done this. 
Forum Team

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