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I watched the Liverpool match!

Over the last couple of weeks I have added my complaints to threads re tvanywhere errors during football matches.

In the interests of balance, would just like to say I watched last night's match on my tablet. Fearing more 404/oops page not available messages- I logged on about 2 hours before the match start. Surprised to connect, and expected the connection to go down once more tried to connect. But -amazingly(!) - the connection stayed for whole match.   If that was the result of Virgin actions/tweaks...... then a small "well done" from me.  But...... as this is an issue which seems to have been running for years.......I hope any fix is permanent!!!   Regards to all.

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Re: I watched the Liverpool match!

That's nice for you.  I too have always tried to join the stream early, fully aware that it increases your chances of not being shafted by Virgin Media when the peak arrives.  Unfortunately it is not always possible to join the stream 2 hours early due to real life commitments. And last night, even if I did have the time, I didn't have the bandwidth to just throw away GBs of data allowance like that. Neither should I have to.

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