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High levels of demand AGAIN

Once again a European football night and TV Anywhere falls on its **bleep** again.

"High levels of demand"

"Your TiVo box has lost connection to the network"

"TiVo box is not responding"

Or variants thereof. I've got two TiVo boxes and get the same errors.

I posted another thread - still unanswered by forum staff - about these problems.

When will Virgin Media own up that this service is not fit for purpose?

Why does this keep happening whenever a popular event - like football - is on.

I, and many others, are sick and tired of this rubbish service, raising the issue on here and being ignored.

Why won't you admit that your infrastructure isn't up to the job?

Why won't you compensate customers - who in many cases pay over £100 a month for your services - because this advertised product does not work?

Go on, I dare you. I double dare you. Come out and defend this absolute ripoff of a "service"