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High demand please try again later

So I was on holiday last week and on 2 occasions I tried to use TV Anywhere to manage my Tivo at home but got the message high demand can not connect to your Tivo please try again later.

This is at the login stage.

This was Wednesday and Thursday night. I have since found out that BT Sport were showing football that night. I don't really care about that but due to the high usage due to that match (used to be the same when Sky showed a match and it was the same app) then it will not let you do anything.


Should the service really crumble in a heap if there happens to be a match being shown on a streaming channel?


Another side topic is I was recording the cricket and due to the awful weather I wanted to add another hour to the recording as it over ran it's normal slot. We all know Sky boxes auto correct but when I tried to manually sort it I could not.

Through the TV Anywhere app you can not do this but you can do it on the actual Tivo just adding time to the when to stop recording.

This is something that needs to be corrected I suggest.

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Re: High demand please try again later

Hi BinghamBloke, 


Thanks for your post and apologies that you were having an issue logging into the app whilst away on holidays. 


There hasn't been any faults raised for this as far as I can see so I will make sure the team are aware of this ready for the next game. 


I'll pass on your feedback too regarding the padding options.



Forum Team

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