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Had vm since january... still cant get it working on my pc... help

Came back to vm in january, so many teething problems it was a joke! 

Here we are in may and still ahve same problems, so sick of vm we wish we'd never swapped back.

Why on earth cant I get tv anywhere on my pc? it has all correct specs, shows the listings etc, but will not play any video or show any pictures. 

I've been round and round in circles, on and off, for months, sick of it! Website absolutely no help whatsoever.

By July it'll be 6 months and we're sorely tempted to stuff the contract and go back to sky, much better service all round



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Re: Had vm since january... still cant get it working on my pc... help

Hi Kal


Welcome back to the community


Sorry to hear that TV Anywhere is still not working.


I know you have gone through this before and it can be frustrating, I just want to check everything is tip top, then I know the best way forward to get this resolved for you.


When you sign into your account, under My Profile click into Device Settings. Does it show your PC in there are registered?

What browser are you currently using? And what version it is?

Also what version of Adobe Flash Player is on the PC?


Again I appreciate and understand you have been through this before. If you can let me know these, that would be great.


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