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Goodbye VM and TVA - Hello SKY Q

well after 9 days of terrible customer services and no TVA service, I have cancelled VM TV services, and moved to Sky Q.

VM - You have lost a loyal and long term customer, with your utter contempt at the way you have treated your customers.

All I hope is others finally reach the point that they too,  are unwilling to hand over large amounts of money for such a poor service including   the " Free TVA" services, that you say we don't pay for.

Sorry to go,  but good bye.  VM you have only yourselves to blame for my departure

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Re: Goodbye VM and TVA - Hello SKY Q

Same here, been a Virgin Media / ntl / Cable & Wireless / Nynex customer since the cables were first laid over 20 years ago.

Were it not for the fact that the installers ripped out the old BT cables, without asking, effectively holding us to cable ransom as the site survey & costs to get reconnected to any other network are so high, I too would be long gone.  To treat customers that pay a lot of money (and VM staff's wages) with such contempt is disgraceful.