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Galaxy 10.5 s tab

I have read all the forums posted over a year ago. So basically what you're saying is Virgin is saying they are not going to change their list for sometime due to not being bothered testing new devices? We have just bought the galaxy s in good faith thinking (and that was dumb of us) that it would automatically work with tv anywhere. 

Not only does it still not work (and this as been in the testing section for over a year)  - my partner has a Z2 phone which again is not in the list (hes had that was over a year too). 

So what you're saying either we get apple stuff us right!

I think you're going to get some pretty unhappy people, from experience I know this is not going to be an issue for you.  

I understand if a forum moderator replies to my comment I will get a dear john letter. I've seen the "If it ever makes it onto the list we will let you know." I get you are getting paid to say this. HAH HAHA HAH.

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Re: Galaxy 10.5 s tab

Hi zatanna


Welcome to the community


Sorry to hear that TV Anywhere is not working on your Galaxy S Tab nor your partners Sony Xperia Z2.


On this link it will advise that TV Anywhere has now been enabled on all Android devices, so this should work on your devices. I can see that you have two devices registered, are these the devices in question? When you go into the TV Anywhere app and select a stream-able channel to watch do you get an error message at all?


Hope to hear from you soon


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