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Frozen Video just Audio on HTC Desire 310

Installed TV Anywhere App on Android 4.2.2. Everything seems okay. When I select a channel to watch it starts fine then the video freezes after half a second and stays frozen. Audio continues fine. Have tried a couple of channels with same result.


Is this expected behaviour for this hardware or should I expect more?

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Frozen Video just Audio on HTC Desire 310

Hi bubsterdoofus, 


Thanks for your post and i'm sorry to hear that TV Anywhere isn't working as well as it should for you. 


This sort of thing isn't meant to happen however as the device is unsupported, it means it was never tested to work with TV Anywhere. 


Looking at the Blacklisted handsets, the HTC Desire X is on there so it's possible this is the reason you are having an issue.


Have you got any other devices you can test TV Anywhere on?


Keep us posted.

Forum Team

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