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Flash Player required?

Since Apple removed support for Flash player, I've been unable to watch anything on TV Anywhere. I get either a message where the live stream should be that tells me to get the latest Flash version (which I have already got) or if that doesn't happen, the box will be white.

Is this a Mac-wide issue? Surely I can't be the only person to be having this problem. On websites that use Flash, there is normally an automated message that pops up asking if I would like to allow it once or every time I visit the website but that's not happening when I visit TV Anywhere. It's 'TV Nowhere' for me.

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Re: Flash Player required?

Hi there YGW,


I hope you're doing well Smiley Happy


I am sorry to read that the TV Anywhere isn't working well with your device right now, whenever there are issue it's best to carry out some of the following practices:-

  • Sign out and sign back in, after clearing your cache/temp files. Make sure when signing in anywhere, that the caps lock is monitored and the username and password are typed correctly.
  • Can you sign into
  • Reinstall the app itself, after clearing cache and cookies.
  • Try to log in online from a PC to see if it streams.
  • Check that your device OS hasn't been changed recently, for example, Android 6.0.1 is unsupported.

Give these a whirl first and get back to me when you can.

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