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Error A:3321 ?!?!

And so I've gotten myself an iPad Mini 4. Tried to hook up to the TVA app but when I try to register my device through the app or try to stream a channel I "We encountered an error when trying to stream the channel [A:3321]

Tried to use Safari on the iPad to get to the device registration. But this just loops the loading page.

The app works on all my other devices including iPhone 6s, but I do understand that the iPad has its own app too.

Is this simply the fact that TVA app needs an update for comparability with this new iPad?

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Error A:3321 ?!?!

Hi Raelik, 


Thanks for your post and apologies for the issues you are having trying to stream on your new iPad. 


Using a PC / Laptop, go to > My Profile > Device Settings. Make sure you have a free slot and also 1 device change on your account. If you have both of these, download the TV Anywhere app from the App Store on your iPad. 


Once it's downloaded and you're all logged in, attempt to stream channel 4 for me. This should now give you the error for device registration. Follow the prompts on screen to register the device from within the app. 


Has this made any difference?


Let me know.



Forum Team

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