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Device reregistration for Virgin TV anywhere on IPad

The Virgin TV anywhere app on the iPad has to the most frustrating thing around. It's forever crashing and failing - the Sky app seemed much more stable and I'm regretting making the switch. It crashed again yesterday evening and I got constant error messages and codes saying that there was unprecedented demand and the app wouldn't load. It's just come back up but wants me to register the iPad device - again. But it is already registered and I have no free slots left for this month because I already had similar problems this month causing me to deregister and reregister the same device. So I cannot watch tv on my iPad any more - something I do a lot. Can anyone from virgin help, but also tell me why the app is so flakey and why there is this daft two device registration limit in the first place? It makes no sense.


disgruntled of Poole. 

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Re: Device reregistration for Virgin TV anywhere on IPad

Hi StephenC2, 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. I'm really sorry to hear you were having an issue using TV Anywhere. 


At the time of posting, we're aware there was a fault that's since been resolved. 


As it's a new month, your changes have also been reset. Try re-registering the device today. 


Has this made any difference? 


Let me know.



Forum Team

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