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Device limit reached - Sky sports

Hi, trying to watch the Ryder Cup on sky sports but I'm getting the device limit error message on screen. This isn't a new device, it's one which has always been registered on this virgin account, and I am able to watch Tv on the go no problem, but sky sports seems to think this is a new device? 

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Re: Device limit reached - Sky sports

Hi scharah,


Thanks for posting!


I've checked your account and I can see you currently have a device change available. All you need to do is delete the device and re-add it.


Using a PC/Laptop go to > My Profile > Sky Movies and Sky Sports. Remove the current registration by clicking on the Delete button. 


All you need to do then is re-add your device!


Let me know how it goes! Smiley Very Happy



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Re: Device limit reached - Sky sports

Don't do that scharah, it isn't going to fix your issue. It's just going to waste your time, and a TV Anywhere device change.

Like Ben, Josh too seems hellbent on giving false information that isn't going to help. He has directed to you TV Anywhere device management when you want Sky device management.


that's where you want to delete your device from.  Josh doesn't say how to "re-add your device" but the process is different to TV Anywhere. Just start trying to stream & the device should register automatically. You might then want to go back to device management & rename the newly registered device to something more memorable.

After these forums had been left to rot, It's nice seeing so much input suddenly from the forum team. A shame they apparently have no idea what they are talking about and are creating more problems than they solve. Josh, this is the most common problem that comes up here. TV Anywhere device management is completely separate from Sky device management. I don't have time to run around after you all, pointing out the many, many occasions in just the last few days that you have guessed incorrectly or given out wrong information. Do they not train you or let you use the products to get some understanding of how they work?