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Device change

I want to register my iPhone to the sky sports app...but it's saying that I've made my device changes this month!!! Which I haven't!! I'm paying £130 per month & want to watch sky sports on my phone....but I can't!! I'm fed up of it now & I will seriously be considering cancelling if it's not sorted!!
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Forum Team
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Re: Device change

Hi Debbier3,
Thanks for your post. I have already replied to your other post here: Sky Sports App
Please make sure you are only posting once about your issue. We understand it's frustrating when something's not right however posting more than once about the same fault makes the boards look busier than what they actually are. It also means we could take longer to reply due to needing to sift through duplicate posts.
Have a look at my reply on the other thread and stick with that one so we keep all the information in one place. 
Forum Team

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