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Absolutely Rubbish App

this app is a pile of rubbish, constant breaks in streaming causing it to drop back to programme guide(even on what would expect to be a quiet time, 1100 on Sunday morning), poor image quality and an inability to stay on the time selected to allow me to browse what might be on later (the guide jumps back to the current after about 30 seconds).

iplayer is much better all round, especially on handling buffering issues and image quality.

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Re: Absolutely Rubbish App

Yes, it's pathetic, and using it in browser is just as bad. I average about 5 minutes of any one stream before it dies & requires a reload. The reload takes about 30 seconds. Missing 30 seconds every 5 minutes is no way to enjoy watching TV.  Sky1 & Discovery Science constantly skips & repeats too.

I wonder if caring about this is on Virgin Media's "to-do" list? It hasn't been for the last 2 years.

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