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web safe

i stopped being a virgin media customer in july last month later they introduced web safe , which I never had . AND yes it comes across my screen mostly after 8pm and stops me at times from even accessing the news !!!!!!! ive phone virgin media 5 (five ) and they agreed with everything I said (eventually) but said nothing they can do , NOTHING !!!!!!!!!

so can anyone tell me how I can rid myself from it and no I cant access my old account


pleeeeeeeeaseeeeee !!!!!!

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Re: web safe

Weird one. A) Websafe is not time based - it is always on if you have it switched on. B) since you're no longer a Virgin Media customer the VM DNS servers shouldn't be accessible by you. More over, your devices should be obtaining the DNS from your current provider's hub/router.

Either way, change the DNS settings on your device away from Virgin Media DNS ( and back to AUTO. And that will stop websafe coming up. +Add: if you were a DSL customer: login to the router you kept after moving away from Virgin Media and change the DNS setting in it away from Virgin Media's to the DNS your current ISP uses.

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