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You Tube Parental Controls - Campaign to reinstate pin code

Hi All,

I tried to add a pin code to the youtube account to find that this feature has been removed. This is clearly not a great situation if you have children.

I called the help line and was told this isn't a service they offer. Anyone with kids knows it's not practical or desirable to monitor their every activity. I'd prefer to set up some basic controls and give them freedom to operate within clearly defined, and safe, boundaries.

I've managed to block out youtube, along with other undesirable websites, from all my other devices, but it seems my TiVo Box is beyond my control.

I think this is fundamentally wrong and, as a long term customer who has spend thousands of pounds with Virgin Media, I am not at all happy about this.

Does anyone else feel the same way?

If so, please join this conversation and, if we can get enough people together, hopefully we can pressure them into reinstating this vital feature for us.


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