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Website blocking

I would like to block certain sites but unlike other Broadband providers, we don't seem to have this feature with the Virgin SuperHub router. Is this correct? 

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Re: Website blocking

Hello Bird106,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community Smiley Very Happy

I don't believe the Hub 3 has the feature to block certain website or words I'm afraid. I think the only way to have this facility is to manage the individual device with some sort of software or to use a 3rd party router.

Really sorry about this,

Take care. 


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Re: Website blocking

the hub 1 had that option., the improved hub 2 and the even more improved hub 3 don't have it.

you can do it at device level by changing to open dns and using a free account with them to set custom blocks. that is what I do to block annoying click bait from taboola etc in new stories. you can also choose to block any from about 30 preset categories

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Re: Website blocking

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When it works, Web Safe does this however the suggestion of OpenDNS (FamilyShield) maybe a more appropriate and reliable choice provided you are comfortable with their terms and conditions, and privacy policy; take note that (AFAIK) Virgin Media's routers have fixed DNS entries so if you wish to use an alternative DNS (like OpenDNS) a separate router will be required or each device's DNS entry will need to be manually configured.

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Re: Website blocking

Asus routers have URL (website), keyword and Service (IP, port and protocol) blocking.

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