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Web filtering

Hi there, I'm currently using the Child Safe web filtering under the Web Safe app and I must say it works really well.

However, I have virginmedia in a property which I rent out to individuals and one of the services that I provide is free broadband.  At the moement I just tell tenants not to access illegal websites and not to do P2P, but I would feel more reassured if I could have some filtering in place. 

So I looked at implementing the Child Safe filtering, but in order to block P2P and illegal downloads you must block the following by default:

Suicide and Self Harm
Address Hiding

Is there any way of just blocking P2P and illegal Downloads without enabling all of the above?

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Re: Web filtering


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Re: Web filtering

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And what's worse, it is you, the account holder that is legally liable for any illegal streaming, downloading ...

You'd have to throw a lot of technology at the problem and even then, if their tech-fu was greater than yours

You would need something like what hotels, schools and libraries use, and they have it depts

Something has to sit between the tenants and the internet which they cannot bypass or reconfigure.

Child safe is bypassed just by changing device dns.

Secure p2p torrents , encrypted, are pretty undetectable. Private torrent sites use them for member protection