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Parental control on hub

I have recently joined Virgin Media. Before joining was told I have the option to set up Parental control on super  hub for individual devices and time based filtering. I tried MAC filtering option on the hub however there is no such option to filter devices with the time based filtering.

I have teenage kids and would like to put time limits so that they are off the internet during bed and homework time. There is no way at the moment other than switching off the hub, as soon as kids realize they get annoyed and switch it back again.

I have seen on this forum in other threads that time based filtering is possible. Is it that the hub I have does not support it?

I shall be highly disappointed if this feature is not available and may think of leaving Virgin Media all together. 


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Re: Parental control on hub

If you have a hub 3.0 it is not an option. If you do have the hub 3.0, you can of course ask Virgin Media to send out a Superhub 2 AC, which provides that feature and it other useful options. It's kind a of a miscelaneous issue, so you'd best ask Customer Relations that question. You can reach them by calling 150 / 0345 454 1111 then when in the menu go with option 4 -> option 5. They're available between 8AM to 8PM.

By the way, time based filtering is limited to 7 rules max. So for a time based block from say 9PM to 9AM, against one device, you'd need to use 2 rules. So you have 3x scaling blocks and 1x block which cannot run past midnight.

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