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Re: Hub 3.0 Mac address/timed access filtering

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SH3user wrote:

All I want is Hub 3.0 Mac address/timed access filtering to work. If I have to buy additional equipment I would not want a Hub3.0.

Fair enough. But even with a 3rd party router (which has no cable modem inside) you have no choice but to use the VM hub to get internet connectivity.

You could sort this problem today at PC World for a few £'s as most cable routers have the feature you want but why not just keep complaining for years instead and wasting your time and energy. Your choice, but a VM solution won't be quick. The next firmware update is not likely to give you what you want. The last firmware update actually removed some features.

Good luck.


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Re: Hub 3.0 Mac address/timed access filtering

I am not just complaining for me but for the other parents as well and who would like this function to work and have given up posting. I am not wasting my time but preparing to migrate our email accounts from the VM service in preparation to switch ISP, dump the TV and land line when the contract expires. I am aware of the reset function and there is a simple solution so no problem there. End Of Thread.

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