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Hub 3.0 Mac Filtering doesn't work

Hi Virgin Media

I recently upgraded my hub to Hub 3.0. I was told by customer support that this hub was superior to the SuperHub. When it comes to Mac Filtering it is definitely retrograde. The Mac Filtering function (although tricky to use) is very useful in stopping children from accessing the internet at all hours. It worked very well on the Super Hub, but this function in the Hub 3.0 software is not fit for purpose.

Not only does it block at all times (i.e. the day/time matrix doesn't work at all) when you set to "Different times on different days of the week" but when you choose a device from your list (by clicking on the radio button) it actually chooses a device lower down in the list. e.g. when I choose my Sonos, it actually adds my Kindle to the filter rule. 

This is clearly a software issue and suggests that Virgin hasn't tested its own software (which is a disgrace). If your product team continue to release products and services that do not work it will only serve to upset your loyal customers (like me). Loyal customers like me have a choice... we can switch to another provider.

It is absolutely not ok for you to release products that don't work and even worse to expect your customers to do your testing for you. 

Please can you resolve this problem as a matter of urgency so that we can protect our children!! My expectation is that this kind of software issue can be solved in a matter of days or weeks NOT months. 

At the very least I also expect to be refunded the cost of upgrading to Hub 3.0. Once it works properly you can recharge me the upgrade fee.


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Re: Hub 3.0 Mac Filtering doesn't work

I'd just like to add my agreement to that.  The MAC filtering section really is the most awful pile of poo, because it simply doesn't work.  I've spent all day wondering why I can't get my daughter's phone back on to wifi when I've only blocked it in the early hours, only to find it simply ignores any time settings and blocks anyway.

This worked well on my old superhub and as a matter of child safety I expect it to work on a so-called improved device.  It's wholly unacceptable.

And don't get me started on the interface which is so slow it might as well be connecting on dialup.

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Re: Hub 3.0 Mac Filtering doesn't work

Hello both,


Thanks for your feedback, I will ensure this is passed onto the relevant departments.

As for getting this resolved at the moment it might be worth looking into getting a 3rd party router which will have more tools for MAC filtering etc. You can put your Hub into Modem Mode and use any router you like.

I know this isn't exactly a fix, but it might help for now.

Thanks for posting and let us know if there's anything else we can help with.

Take care.


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Re: Hub 3.0 Mac Filtering doesn't work

And what monthly refund is everyone going to get to compensate for having to purchase an extra £150 piece of equipment to do the job that the included (and charged for) equipment is failing to do??

Its insulting, complacent, and arrogant that Virgin thinks its acceptable to supply inadequate equipment, whilst claiming its the best thing ever. IT DOESN'T WORK!