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v slow d/load +upload speeds also high ping, area 12 erdington b24

this happened christmas for 3 weeks now its happening again, all be it not as severe. started yesturday afternoon

150mb vivid

10mb max d/load all day and night

2.5mb upload (used to be 10+)

uk game server pings in excess of 60-100

doesnt matter what time of day or night

wont bother asking what the problem is as ive asked this twice now with out overseas friends who have no idea and just get you to use ookla test which the default test server is vm hah!

anybody in my area having similar problems? as this seemed to fix itself (doubtful) after about 3 weeks. engineer is supposed to be attending thursday but i doubt its anything here thats the problem

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Re: v slow d/load +upload speeds also high ping, area 12 erdington b24

Hi hayleyt23,


Thanks for posting!


Sorry to hear you've had trouble with your connection.


I've located your account and I can see the technician has been out. How's your connection been since? Is everything okay?


Speak soon Smiley Very Happy



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