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slow speeds since april 2016

I need a straight answer here now Virgin.

I've been in a high utilisation area since April and been constantly fobbed off with review dates,I am supposedly on a 100mg but only get 2mg tops of an evening.They told me last month that November 23rd should be the fix date,now I'm not holding my breath but could you please clarify that this is the actual fix date thanks,if not then I am jumping ship to another provider.

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Re: slow speeds since april 2016

Hey Codpiece79,


Thanks for getting in touch, I hope you're well Smiley Happy


I know these faults are frustrating so please accept my apologies.


I can see that fault: F004170964 is still on-going and is being reviewed on the 23/11. Please note this date is a review not a fix, this is when we can expect the engineers to update the fault ticket to let us know about any progress and improvements.


We can't offer firm fix dates with these faults as there's many factors which could cause unexpected delays.


I'm sorry I couldn't be more specific. Please get back in touch with us on or after the 23/11 for more info.


Take care.


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