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slow speeds again!!!!!!

I had problems at begining of november, on 200mb connection and was getting upto 50mb if i was lucky. Had loads of t3 drop outs anyway it was all sorted eventually by a virgin guy called steve. had a new router sent. It lasted about 6 weeks and middle of december speeds dropped again and drop outs became more and more frequent. Rang up on monday got some lady on the phone telling me all the usual reset router etc, nothing worked. she then told me that she had reset whole connection from her end and would give me a ring the following day as it could take 24hrs for connection to stabilise, sounded like a big fob off to me. Anyway waited and all day no phone call. Getting really fed up of virgin not getting back to me and fobbing me off. my connection has just dropped out again for the 10th time in 5 hours lost MDD timeout and autho failed. and im down to about 10mb connection when it came back on. I want this sorting asap otherwise i am cancelling sick of paying through the nose for something im not getting.  

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