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slow speed

Hi I am not happy with the speeds i am getting on a 100 meg connection im lucky to get 20meg later it goes up to 90 meg aroung 11.30pm on the whole they are very slow speeds is there a fault in this area or low power transmission from the box, i am hard wired to the modem and all signs from the self diagnostics is fine if this is all the speed i can expect for what i pay for  then i will be looking to move from virgin as this is not good enough it was fine till the upgrade from 50 meg to 100 meg i. I look forward to your repy thankyou.

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Forum Team
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Re: speed

Afternoon Telryo1,


Welcome to the community. It's nice to have you here.


Sorry to read that you are having issues with your broadband speeds. I know how frustrating this can be.


I've run some checks on your broadband connection, the line and the hub have come back as fine which is good. However high peak time traffic in your area is causing the slow speeds you have been experiencing. Our networks team are investigating the problem and are improving bandwidth and performance to help with this issue. The reference number is F004113584 and has a review date of 5th April.


I will pass this across to one of my colleagues who will be in touch with more information.




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