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slow speed on vivid 200

ok so i have vivid 200 and im now only getting around 100mbs which is half of what im meant to get.

(and originally i was getting 200mbs)

ive tried everything possible,from restoring factory settings to safe mode on my pc for testing and still the same 100mbs.

is it possible my super hub  is broken or is there a fault on my line somewhere ?.i have checked the fault service checker though  

its just getting me annoyed now as i keep disconcerting from online games 



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Re: slow speed on vivid 200

Hi bodybagz, 


Thanks for getting in touch, I am sorry to see you have been having trouble with your speeds. 


I have taken a look and the connection seems ok from this side. 


Are you getting the same sort of speeds on all devices or does it vary? 


Are you using a wired or a wireless connection? 


If wireless try wired. Pop the Hub into Modem only Mode with the computer in safe mode with networking and let us know if this makes a difference. 


It may also help to see a BQM. (Please be aware site is external and we're not responsible for its contents). 


Speak to you soon. 





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