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slow broadband


I've been having problems with slow broadband since I have move into my new flat and I'm on SuperFiber50. Wifi barely works and only gets up to 5-15 Mbps, even when I sit next to the router, nevermind the other room. The router often disconnects for no apparent reason and my phone sometimes picks up a stronger signal from the neighbours who also use Virgin Media - the support team advised there is no problem with the router and it's probably 'something in the walls' blocking the signal. I've started using the ethernet cable, which shows that the speed is around 54Mbps but it is so slow that it took me about 10 min to load this page up.

Has anybody got any ideas what this could be ? I would be grateful for any thoughts, thanks Smiley Happydownstream.jpgupstream.jpg


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Re: slow broadband

Hi there Gosia1,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.


My apologies you are experiencing issue's with your broadband connection.


With the wireless speeds and disconnections, this could be due to interference. You can try to change the wireless channel to try and improve the connection.


Do you notice the slowness at all times of the day or just at certain times of the day?


Hope to hear from you soon


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