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slow broadband for 7 months

Hi there

I have rung up help line each month to inform them of slow broadband - british gas etc have been building new essential gas replacements and diversions for new roads and I believe they may have contributed to the problem. - they originally said it would take 20 weeks but it took longer and they may have only just stopped for Christmas.  

Each time I rang Virgin customer helpline I was told I would get a reduction - when the problem had ended - also they were able to see how slow my computer was acting each time I went on it (?)  I was told I would get a reduction for each month but only at the end of the nuisance or inconvenience.  It seems to be working normal speed now.  My emails don't take a day to arrive at the moment.   Some of my emails went missing completely.   I was also unable to load items because the speed was so slow, it cancelled.

Please could Virgin now refund for all inconvenience etc for slow - very slow broadband over the last 7 months?

Thanks  - you have my email address via here.

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Re: slow broadband for 7 months

Hey there shelives,


Thanks for your post Smiley Happy


Sorry to hear about the problems you've had with your connection, it sounds frustrating.


I want to look into this for you, I'll need to take some time to go through your notes and ask a few questions. To make it easier for us to keep in touch, I'll drop you a PM (purple envelope, top right).


Speak with you very soon,

Take care.


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