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reason for this speed?


virginmedia speed!!.jpgEvery evening I get this speed and it is really starting to get on my nerves. It is causing problems everytime I try to do anything on the internet, especially gaming.

My speed is 200mbs and although I do understand and accept that it may drop a little during the evening this is just not acceptable as it does cost me a lot of money a month to have Virgin media.

I have a cat 7 ethernet cable and I have tried a few different ones so I know it is not that causing the problem. My modem is the Superhub 2.

So my question is what is the reason for this annoying speed?

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Re: reason for this speed?

Well I don't want to say it but seems like Virgin Media may have over sold services in your area and you are suffering from the dreaded over utilisation which VM class as a fault lol.

Anyway please post your hubs stats and wait a week for a forum staff member to take a look and most likely issue you with the usual nonsense review date followed by another and another and another you get the picture.

If indeed this is a utilisation issue RUN run very fast because you will wait 2 / 3 years perhaps longer for any kind of fix just look at my thread details below I have waited for 2 years and 4 months so far and I am still waiting.

Oh and if you do have the utilisation issue make sure if you stay that you get bill credits for the inconvenience won't be much but it kind of takes the sting out of it all a little.

And if you want a quick reply you are better off calling them up.

Good luck and I hope for your benefit it's not the usual utilisation issues.

This is the poor quality of my Superhub 3 connection Smiley Sad
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But with BT Fibre I can actually game without lag Smiley Very Happy
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Re: reason for this speed?

Hi sprigsy, 


Thank you for getting in touch, I am sorry to see you have been having trouble with your connection. 


I have taken a look and it seems that you are affected by fault ref F004366467 for slow speeds at peak times. The current review date is 01 NOV 2017, please give this thread a bump closer to the date and we will get an update for you. 


How is your speed outside of peak hours? 


Keep us posted. 



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Re: reason for this speed?

Is this really acceptable? To review it several months from now? Virgin just expects the customers to deal with something that slow until then? 

Judging from these threads these types of problems are extremely widespread and can be seen by anyone looking through these pages. I know I am experiencing horrible bandwidth during times I use the internet at home.  Even though I can see others here are having the same problem I have tried to contact Virgin Media regarding my issues but every time I try to "chat live" with someone it says: "All of our agents are currently busy. Please try again later." Perhaps there are just too many people with broadband issues? 

Is Virgin still selling broadband in these areas (like 21) where there are known problems and they simply can't deliver and, even worse, have no plans to even review the problem for several months? Clearly that can't be a best practice, it is certainly not honorable and I would be curious if it is even legal!?

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: reason for this speed?

The question you need to ask, and press relentlessly, is what are they doing between now and Nov-17 that will be reviewed?

Have they planned remediation?
Will it have been completed by then?

Blood, stone, cards & chest come to mind.

Seph - ( DEFROCKED - My advice is at your risk)