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problems with broadband AGAIN..

So internet has been relatively fine recently until today. Internet is currently running at about 0.40mbps with 550ping! according to I can not play online on my xbox and its unplayable and very frustrating. I have been onto the live chat twice same routine both times. Just registered for the upgrade from 50mbps to 70mbps which worked for 2minutes max then back down to 0.40mbps. Internet is down/not fully working more times than its actually working fine. Anyone recommend a good provider as i think i shall be off once my contracts up.

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Re: problems with broadband AGAIN..

I'm very eager to blame it as an over utilisation issue but let's rule out the alternative dilemmas.

Go to (Type it into your browsers URL bar)

Do not login; go to the router information link (underneath the password field)

Copy and paste the information (cutting out the WAN IP) and paste it on to this thread ready to be reviewed by someone with the tech knowledge; most likely a forum moderator or a superuser. 

This may take a week but hopefully you can get a reply much quicker. 

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