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<3mb/s connection for over a week?

As above really, spoke to customer service a few times.

The first time for around half hour at which my Superhub was rebooted about 5 times (I had mentioned I had already done this and reset to factory settings but understand that they have to try these things working in a simular role myself). I was then put on hold for it to be escalated "to the networks team". I sat there like a plum for half an hour and then the call hung up. A total of just over an hour wasted. 

Rang back again and got through someone with absolutely no willingness to help. Told me that there was nothing he can do about it and the previous person I spoke to should have told me that. 

After much annoyance and back and forth I got a "it should be up by 4am" 

Next day was still the same so rang back again and was told it wont be fixed until April 12th but to keep checking back on it.

This was last week and I'm still in the same situation. The fastest I have had is a peak of 7mb/s but ends up being around 3-4mb/s on speed tests, most days 2 or less. 

Upload speed and ping have been perfect but I can not get anything done on a normally reliable 150mb+ connection.

My area ref is 24

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Re: <3mb/s connection for over a week?

Hi csbailey,


Welcome to the Community!


Really sorry to hear you're experiencing speed issues.


I'd like to check this out for you but I can't seem to locate your account. I've sent you a private message (purple envelope at the top right of your screen) so I can grab some details from you.


Speak soon Smiley Very Happy



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