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its 10 mbps tonight hope i dont get a nose bleed

i have been with ntl/virgin for years never a problem. i recently moved to a different house and had virgin cable installed, they never told me there is a utilization problem in the area, that's when my problems started.

they have lied to me about dates when its going to be fixed ie tomorrow, given me dates that have just been moved and moved over months, left me on the phone only to drop the call once i got through twice yesterday, do they know if you've complained before.

   it cannot be normal to get 3mbps even with utilization problems or trafficking  i have asked for an engineer to take a look but was told it wouldn't make any difference and anyway it would be fixed soon. six month this as been going on  I'm afraid your my last hope before i cancel could you tell me how to post my router settings for you to take a look like the fella last night at least this may provide some answers       ps im suppose to get 200mbps

thanks for any answers in advance 

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