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from dc's to slow speeds


Hi Lobsang


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


My apologies that you are experiencing slow broadband speeds.


I've managed to locate your account, there are no faults reported and the network segment is running stable with no errors.


With the speed tests you completed were they through a wired or wireless connection? If wireless can you try through wired please to see if the speeds differ? When you use > select default server and post a screenshot of the results please.


Let me know how you get on
(agent name)


With that aside, i have had nothing but garbage with you guys. i went from 8 months of random dc's but the sickest of speed (NB random dc's per 10mins) to now sub standard internet. **bleep** are you playing at?

If i was in an area that could take advantage of hyper optic i would have long since jumped ship. This has gotten to the point you guys clearly give 0 **bleep**s. Solve one make another issue wise.

My disconnects are gone (no thanks to the several tecs that came out gawped at my  PC and balked when i shut them up about networks (betec moving to degree) they wanted to say it was a user issue)  sort it out, if you are shaping say it don't mess about with ribbons after u seemingly solve 1 issue. either say it's shaping because you cannot provide or say it's a premium that you provide for x time then revoke.

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