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fault F004206863

A complete joke.My entire 12 month contract has had a fault due to overutilization in my area.

Fault dates. ‎22-04-2016  ..‎20-05-2016....‎11-08-2016....12/10/16...28/12/16...15/03/2017.

Lies after lies on the phone and about as helpful on the forums as a chocolate ashtray.

Definitely the worst experience I have ever had with a broadband provider and i am looking forward to the phone call in march when my contract is up.

I wouldn't recommend virgin to my worst enemy.





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Re: fault F004206863

Hey there Raco,


I'm really sorry you feel that way Smiley Sad


I know these faults can be frustrating and they can take a while to resolve. This is often beyond our control, we often face delays from 3rd parties when it comes to obtaining permission to cause disturbances to streets or roads to access specific cables. I know you might think this is just another excuse, but I promise if I could speed this up I would.


Please accept my apologies and let me know if you have any questions.

Take care.


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Re: fault F004206863

Delays 12 months and over to get permissions from 3rd parties!! Come on VM some of us on here have real world jobs that deal with this kind of work all the time..Dont take us for idiots and tell the truth..

In what other service sector is a delay of over 12 months acceptable..

I would love to be on the same planet as VM..

its not the 60's now you know ..'yeah man tell them its another 6 months and to chill out'
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