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connection issue

we have just been upgraded with the newest hub following on from continuous problems within our flat, the issues were speed and being unable to stream. 

I live in a small flat share and there is a problem in one of the rooms, there is full bars showing on the devices MAC & Iphone however the pages barely load up. I have lived in my flat for 5 years and made multiple calls to the VM team and as a last resort I have taken their advice and tried a wifi extender which unfortunately does not make a difference. 

I have run out of ideas , not sure what else I can do!

This room is not the furthest away from the HUB! The only difference is a fire door and a cupboard that has the electric and gas metre inside. 

Any thoughts would be appriciated, its a flat share so being unable to connect in my room is so inconvenient. 


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Re: connection issue

Hi Char2017,


Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear you're having trouble with getting wireless to your room. From what you've described of the set up it sounds like the firedoor and meters will be causing quite a lot of interference which would explain your room being a black spot for signal. Rather than a range extender I'd suggest looking into power line adapters, these will take the signal from your hub through the electrical circuit of the flat and give out a signal in your room to connect to. Bypassing the meters and firedoor.

I hope this helps and let us know how you get on. 

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