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cisas/ofcom, Has anyone had successful outcomes with their complaint.

Did you know that if your not happy with the service that you get from VM then you can make an official complaint with the following body's.

If you have made one and had a successful outcome would you like to share it with others as it might help VM pull their finger out, especially with overutilization issues and with VM still adding new customers to the same switch or core network that currently has these issues this should be reported.


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Re: cisas/ofcom, Has anyone had successful outcomes with their complaint.

Yes, hence my help page With utilisation/oversubscribing you line will not be fixed until it is fixed (sounds daft but that's how it is) but if you win a claim you can get 50% or more off each month until it is fixed or what they have agreed to has expired, in which you can complain again. Its not a fast process, but its worth getting your own back on VM.

The only way utilisation will be fixed is to stop the sales team form selling in oversubscribed area, if you are reading VM, its a great and important way to run your company.

Hit them in their pocket not yours.



All the information I provide is available on Google Search, I just make it simple for you Smiley Happy