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broadband monitor viewing VM connection

it is interesting viewing the connection using the think broadband monitor, especially when you can view it all day and see the trends in action. You can clearly see the latency climb once it starts to get near the 4pm mark. Interesting little spikes all day even though no one at home and using the net at all. No one has used our net until a little while ago but you can see the spikes continue to rise and the latency rise as more people start using the network. I do think the idle latency and little spikes are too high to start with. VM needs to work on its latency and quality of connection as well as all the over subcribing of known high use areas when they know fine well the network in that area cant cope. The uk needs more scrutiny of its ISP's as the internet is now not counted as a luxury item any longer. It is a required entity for many now and companies have a duty to provide that quality of service not just use broadband as a mass money machine.

A fast connection does not mean download speeds it means speedy uploads as well as downloads and a fast responding connection. All are needed to be able to say you have the fastest uk connection. The connections need to be solid and stable, yes speeds will differ from area to area but should never have been allowed to get to the stage we are at now where people on 200mb with huge latency due to broken hubs, are also only getting 1mb download speeds. Every hub 3 still has a faulty chip that has been known since it was tested back in beta and still they are handed out.

Please VM stand out from the crowed properly not by having manipulated high download speeds but by providing a quality, stable, low latency real cable broadband service that your hardworking employees could be proud about selling or supporting.
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Re: broadband monitor viewing VM connection

I couldnt agree more

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Re: broadband monitor viewing VM connection

Hey IanOb1,

Thanks for your post Smiley Happy

I've just this moment replied to your other thread regarding the connection problems you're experiencing right now, I've also sent you a PM.

Hope to hear back fro you soon,

Take care.


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